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Connecting Pediatric Research to Results

The Children’s Discovery Institute (CDI), a partnership between St. Louis Children’s Hospital and the Washington University School of Medicine, provides research grants to “accelerate discovery of innovative treatment approaches for the most serious childhood diseases and disorders.” The organization needed a fresh new look for their annual investor reports, so they asked Enrich to help.

Getting Started

Each year, CDI hosts a symposium to showcase the work of the Institute’s researchers through panel discussions and hands-on presentations. To coincide with this annual event, CDI presents an investor report that highlights the year’s key accomplishments.

Key Challenges

The investor report requires a powerful, inspiring theme to emphasize the Institute’s cutting-edge research, feature the children that the foundation helps and have an impact on donors.


Each year, Enrich brainstorms themes that build excitement around the important work being done at CDI. The concepts developed are closely tied to imagination, inspiration, optimism and discovery.

CDI investigators use precision medicine to study a variety of pediatric diseases. The 2016 theme represented this idea with a pattern of dots throughout the report. The accentuated dots show that the researchers are focused on one targeted area of the child. The “Wonder at Work” theme in 2015 highlighted every child’s inspiration on physician-researchers to collaborate, ask why and wonder what they might do better. A “Bright minds. Bright future.” theme in 2014 allowed researchers (the bright minds) to be featured alongside the children (the bright future) that benefit from, and inspire, their work. Once developed, themes are extended to event invitations, web graphics, posters and animation, ensuring continuity of the organization's message.


  • The CDI annual investor reports connect the work of the researchers to pediatric success stories.
  • Donors are able to get a closer look at how their contributions are helping to combat childhood illness.
  • Attendees at CDI’s annual symposium are excited to see the impact that their contributions have made and credit the report for allowing them to do so clearly.

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