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Creating a Better Quality of Life

It’s a physical condition that most of us can’t even imagine: the inability to swallow properly. And yet, dysphagia affects millions of patients, making it extremely difficult for them to take in the nutrition and hydration they need. And it affects caregivers and medical professionals, who need to ensure that patients are properly nourished.

We were truly inspired to help John Holahan, the founder and CEO of SimplyThick, bring his innovative product to life. John developed a new breed of thickening agent that, when mixed into all types of liquids, makes it easier for dysphagia patients to swallow. SimplyThick gel is a real improvement over other thickening products, which are difficult to measure and use, produce inconsistent results and — perhaps most important to patients — affect the taste of the liquid.

Building a Brand, Building a Company

Our ongoing collaboration with John dates back to the very early days of his company, and it encompasses a complete array of work for SimplyThick, including product packaging, print materials for salespeople and end-users, a website and identity system. We developed a comprehensive visual scheme that’s decidedly bright and optimistic, designed to appeal to SimplyThick’s primary audience: speech therapists, a group that tends to be young and female. Bold colors on the packaging stand out in the medical market, and a series of simple illustrations reinforce the product’s ease of use and patient benefits.

As SimplyThick has grown since its launch in 2001, we’ve worked to facilitate that growth, producing packaging for every new product, new multilingual literature for patients and medical professionals, tradeshow exhibits and more.

John and his team have come to rely on us virtually as an extension of their company. We ensure the consistency of the SimplyThick brand across every platform, so John doesn’t have to think or worry about the company’s image. Just like patients don’t have to worry about the product.

About SimplyThick

John Holahan founded SimplyThick in 2001, as an outgrowth of a project for an entrepreneurship class in the MBA program at Washington University in St. Louis. While at a previous employer, John encountered a colleague, who shared the story of her frustration at being unable to help her ailing mother eat or drink, due to dysphagia. The thickening products available at the time left a lumpy texture and chalky taste, and her mother was refusing to drink. John and his colleague hoped their employer, a chemical company, could develop a product for dysphagia, but the idea languished. John, however, never forgot the conversation ... and upon earning his MBA, he launched SimplyThick.