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Univar: Less is More Interactive
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Univar: Fresh Ideas Start Here Interactive
Univar: Fresh Ideas Start Here Interactive

Innovative Tools that Drive Growth

Univar Food Ingredients is a one-stop distribution source for the world’s leading producers, delivering ingredients and formulation expertise for a broad range of food applications — baked goods, beverages, confections, dairy goods, snack foods and many others. The company’s consulting capabilities and proven track record of adding value beyond logistics are the driving force behind the creation of a set of innovative tools to help the sales team.

A micro-site showcasing supplier information, an interactive guide and a series of videos to inform customers about ingredient applications all serve to enhance Univar Food Ingredients’ focus.

Getting Started

As a well-regarded industry resource, Univar Food Ingredients helps producers respond quickly to trends and create the foods consumers want, whether it’s reduced-sodium soups or whole grain breads. The organization’s continued focus on creating innovation and adding value continues to attract new suppliers.

Key Challenges

Tools that help formulators choose the right blend of ingredients to create their products are highly valued in the food formulation industry. By offering unique sales tools, Univar Food Ingredients is able to further differentiate itself from the competition in the hyper-competitive marketplace.


Tapping into the organization’s distinct role as a valuable resource and partner to its customers, we developed a micro-site, an interactive guide and a series of videos that were launched at the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Expo. These tools form the centerpiece of Univar’ Food Ingredients’ significant presence at the event, which is the largest food trade show in the United States.

The micro-site enables sales reps to walk customers through a vast collection of supplier resources. This essential tool shares proprietary insights into food-industry trends and is key when developing complex products, such as an energy drink, filled with vitamins and antioxidants.

The interactive guide makes retrieving supplier information more convenient for the customer while strategically-created videos demonstrate the usage and properties of ingredients in action.

Customers tell Univar Food Ingredients that their product literature and tools are “the best in the business” and as a result, booth traffic has tripled and business has grown substantially. Our work with Univar Food Ingredients helps the company to prove its value to customers every day.


  • The micro-site and interactive guide help supplier partners to drive sales, and have made it easier for customers to develop new products, rapidly bringing them to store shelves.
  • Univar Food Ingredients is viewed as an industry knowledge leader — consistently sought by trade publication editors for articles and information.
  • By creating industry tools which were previously  non-existent, innovation is at the heart of  Univar Food Ingredients’ success. No other company in the food industry provides this kind of simple-to-use reference.