Developing a Healthy and Delicious Brand

Fred & Ricky’s serves healthy, whole grain, plant-based meals in a new grab-and-go food store concept. The business is the creation of husband and wife team, Rich and Kathleen Waidmann.

As the couple was envisioning their new venture, they needed help building a brand – so they reached out to Enrich for help.

Getting Started

We first met Rich and Kathleen in 2014 and were immediately impressed with their story. Diagnosed with heart disease, Rich adopted a plant-based lifestyle to overcome it and Kathleen used her lifelong love of cooking to support him. She recreated hearty home cooked dishes replacing meat, dairy and oils with plant-based ingredients for delicious results.

What started as a wife’s desire to help her husband battle heart disease evolved into a business offering fresh, made-from-scratch plant-based meals. Enrich helped the couple launch their dream and execute their vision.

Key Challenges

It was important that the new brand have a broad appeal so all consumers could discover and enjoy the delicious food, including those looking for alternatives to meat and dairy. In the two years before the retail locations opened, the business model evolved to match the owners’ vision and so did the list of deliverables.


In brainstorming a name for this venture, inspiration came from their past. While dating, Rich and Kathleen had developed nicknames for each other. Rich called Kathleen “Fred” for no particular reason and in return, she called him “Ricky.” Since the nicknames held such special meaning, they became the name of the new brand.

To visualize different tones and approaches to the new brand’s vibe, we developed moodboards and based on feedback, designed a simple, impactful logo with a friendly tone. We also informed the architecture and designed brand elements for their new website. Having the food play a key role in the brand language was extremely important, so a custom photo shoot provided the beautiful food imagery that we needed to leave mouths watering. This logotype and authentic photography became the visual foundation for the new brand.

We worked closely with Rich and Kathleen and their architect to design a bright, efficient interior atmosphere for each retail location and designed interior and exterior signage to create awareness for the new brand. Packaging labels, business cards, menus and advertisements completed the strategy.


  • Both retail locations opened in early 2016 and are serving up fresh, delicious food to an enthusiastic public!

  • The Fred & Ricky’s brand is consistent between both retail locations and customers understand the concept behind and mission of the business.