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Helping Consumers Manage Their Health

Express Scripts is the largest pharmacy benefits management company in North America, administering the prescription drug benefits of millions of health plan members throughout the U.S. and Canada.

A targeted campaign was needed to encourage senior members to make the switch to generic medications by signing up for online pharmacy services. The campaign concepts Enrich created were so well-received that instead of selecting just one design, Express Scripts opted to use them all as the foundation for additional campaigns.

Getting Started

Managing prescriptions can be cumbersome and costly, especially for older adults who take multiple medications. No one knows this better than Express Scripts who serves three, distinct, older consumer groups: the Baby Boomers (under 65), the Silent Generation (65 to 85) and the GI Generation (85 and older). While the Baby Boomers are likely to go online, the Silent and GI Generations may not be as computer savvy. Instead, they rely on family members to refill prescriptions, or make trips to the pharmacy themselves.

The changes Express Scripts wanted to encourage offer several benefits. In addition to increased safety and convenience, refilling prescriptions online prevents older program participants from running out of medications nearly as often. And since generic medications cost less than their brand name counterparts, transitioning between the two could save money — a benefit to retirees living on a fixed income.

Key Challenges

The older we get, the more resistant we are to change. So in order to be successful, we needed to convince this audience that ordering medications online is safe and reliable. The message had to be communicated both clearly and in a trustworthy manner.


After thoroughly researching the demographics, we developed a communication strategy. The campaign’s theme, “Peace of Mind,” reinforces safety and convenience, and helps to reassure older participants that online prescription and home delivery services are right for them.

Using easy-to-read, bold type, muted colors and engaging photography, each design scheme reflects the lifestyle of the particular age group target.


  • The Express Scripts team was impressed with the multiple concept directions delivered. While they were only looking for one, all of Enrich’s designs were approved as the foundation for additional campaigns to be developed.
  • The campaign generated rave reviews from both internal and external audiences. Express Scripts commented that Enrich’s innovative design solutions exceeded expectations.
  • The depth of our understanding of their business demonstrated we could solve complex problems outside the scope of our initial engagement.
  • Express Scripts achieved its conversion goal.