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Highlighting Medical History and Technology

Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology (MIR) is a preeminent medical institution with a distinguished reputation as a leader in the field of radiology.

To chronicle and acknowledge its century’s long history, a 200-page retrospective book was commissioned to follow the institution from its role in the early days of the X-ray, to its current standing as a premier authority in clinical radiology, research and education. The celebrated edition, Imaging and Innovation, is now in circulation among medical professionals, and as a result, Enrich has been asked to create additional books for other departments.

Getting Started

MIR is highly-respected in the radiological community, in part, due to its role in the first successful X-ray of the human gallbladder, the development of the PET scan, and the pioneering of 3-D imaging. A true trailblazer in its field, the institution wanted to chronicle its storied history.

The project’s manager assembled a premier team including a renowned author specializing in historical and medical writing, a representative from the institution for image research and a highly-skilled printing resource. Enrich was asked to organize and design the book.

Key Challenges

Portraying MIR’s rich history and maintaining accuracy was critical, but the book also had to create the right tone and to tell the story in a visually engaging way. Many levels of history and information needed to be conveyed efficiently and effectively.

An abundance of photos and materials from MIR, medical archives and the personal collections of radiologists, were housed in different locations and the images were in varying states of quality. A clear process was needed to successfully navigate the vast amounts of information and images.


While extensive interviews were conducted to uncover stories and add rich layers to the narrative, Enrich worked to bring the history of MIR to life visually. We read drafts, identified and organized images to create sequence and structure — and searched to identify the right photos to accompany text. Working primarily with black and white images from earlier years, we devised a plan to add color by creating a palette for monotone images.

A strategically-designed layout accommodates multiple levels of information, including the main narrative, sidebars, vignettes, quotes and photography.


  • Rave reviews and praise met Imaging and Innovation at the book’s unveiling at a May 2013 gala event celebrating the 100-year history of MIR and marked the end of the director’s tenure.
  • At the end of the project, the director commented, “I’ve had an opportunity to look through the real copy of Imaging and Innovation. It is wonderful! It’s visually appealing in every way, beautifully written, and it is fun to read and peruse. I couldn’t be more pleased. At the outset, I never imagined such a successful outcome. Thanks to the whole team for all of the effort that went into making this project such a success.”
  • Imaging and Innovation has sparked a movement among other organizations to chronicle their own rich histories.

The project manager added, “I told [Dr. Jost, Director of MIR] that we all came to understand that we were working on something more important than just the history of an academic department. And we contributed at an extraordinary level.”