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Broadening a Distributor’s Reach

Headquartered in Canada, LV Lomas is one of North America’s leading distributors of food and fine ingredients, raw materials and packaging products. Seeking to raise awareness of their food ingredient offerings, the organization reached out to Enrich for help in creating a food-specific ad campaign.

Key Challenges

With a 55-year story of success and longevity in Canada, the Lomas team wanted to announce their new presence in the United States. They also needed to make sure that the food market understood the breadth of their offerings and the strength of their principal partnerships.


Right away, we needed to understand how LV Lomas stood out among their competition. A strategy session with the sales leadership team revealed key insights into how this amazing distributor viewed themselves, their points of differentiation and core strengths.

Based on information learned, we developed a campaign of print and web ads to create their official introduction to the US market. Potential themes and headlines included “New possibilities are on the table,” “Let us take you on a journey,” “Simply unique” and “We’re growing to help you grow.”

The selected concept was bold, focusing on key attributes of the Lomas culture and vital ingredients for a successful partnership — Authenticity, Confidence and Collaboration. With such strong messaging, the imagery had to stand up to these words so an extensive search was conducted to find photos that resonated.

A custom media plan for the print advertising was developed and the Enrich team negotiated with publishers to offer Lomas a wealth of strong directions. In the end, it was the Lomas team’s decision where to invest.

The new food campaign was extended to create tradeshow displays and an overview brochure, which also introduced the company and their technical center. This fresh look was also carried forward into other Lomas markets, creating brand cohesion throughout the US and Canada.


  • The number of Lomas’ US principal partners grew from 2 to 15 in the first year and continues to grow steadily.
  • Lomas’ coverage expanded from Canada and the Pacific North West to covering all of Canada and the continental USA.
  • Tradeshow participation grew from 10 shows to over 40 shows each year.