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Raising Awareness of Nutritional Medicine

The International Plant-Based Nutrition Healthcare Conference (PBNHC) is an annual event, attracting physicians and health professionals from all over the world who seek to learn about the power of a whole food, plant-based lifestyle and its ability to prevent, suspend and even reverse disease.

The inaugural conference had received rave reviews and enjoyed tremendous success, but the organization needed to expand its reach and increase awareness of their mission. Enrich worked closely with PBNHC co-founders Susan Benigas, Tom Dunnam and Dr. Scott Stoll to refresh their logo and develop a more functional website.

Getting Started

Unlike many other health-focused conferences, PBNHC helps attendees understand that good health does not depend on a steady stream of medications and pills. Rather, it’s possible to achieve the same (and in some cases, better) results by committing to a whole food, plant-based diet. PBNHC is supported by extraordinary faculty and board members who have substantial medical and scientific backgrounds. After the success of the first event, the non-profit wanted to attract more attention and was ready to boost their online presence. Based on word-of-mouth recommendations, they came to Enrich for help.

Key Challenges

PBNHC needed a professional, polished, cohesive look to convey their status as an established healthcare conference.

Based on its unique mission and perspective, website visitors interested in attending the conference would need to understand the event's impact and the high-level of research to be presented. Strong organization, clear messaging and simple navigation would be critical in allowing visitors to reach pertinent details quickly. Additionally, incorporating the functionality for a variety of standard conference website features such as: registration, event agendas, venue information, and speaker bios was important.


Presented with a lot of valuable information, Enrich thoroughly reviewed the materials to identify and simplify the message. This process allowed us to develop a logical, well-organized and custom website architecture that will grow with the organization in the coming years. To efficiently convey PBNHC’s message about the critical role of plant-based nutrition in healthcare, we created powerful visuals, juxtaposing standard medical imagery with plates of fresh fruits and vegetables. Closely collaborating with our web programmer, Enrich created a responsive site that is easy-to-update and function across any screen size, including mobile devices.


  • The second annual conference registrations increased by 200% over the previous year.
  • The website has received praise, including receiving the American Web Design Award from GD USA magazine.
  • The organization now reflects a more polished, professional appearance, and the website design has set the tone for PBNHC’s social media presence.
  • The website has increased awareness for the important work that the organization is doing. It has highlighted an alternate way of thinking about our struggling healthcare system and the role of medical professionals in helping patients proactively take charge of their health.