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Empowering the Plant-Based Mission

The Plantrician Project is a non-profit organization with an important mission: “To educate, equip and empower our physicians and healthcare practitioners with knowledge about the indisputable benefits of plant-based nutrition.”

Co-founders Susan Benigas, Tom Dunnam and Dr. Scott Stoll asked Enrich to create a website for their organization to support their important work.

Getting Started

Our relationship with the organization's founders began by developing a website for The Plantrician Project’s main initiative, the International Plant-Based Nutrition Healthcare Conference (PBNHC). Once the conference website had been launched, The Plantrician Project realized that they, too, needed a website to share resources, highlight their mission and attract donors.

Key Challenges

As the creator of a major health-focused conference, The Plantrician Project needed help in establishing its own identity. The goal of the new website was to let visitors know about the organization’s efforts towards creating a paradigm shift in the way we view healthcare and food. It had to be highly-informative and communicate the substantial science behind the lifestyle, while still remaining friendly and approachable. Most importantly, the website needed to inspire others to take action.


From the start, it was important to create an impactful design that would instantly connect with site visitors and educate them about the organization, its mission and initiatives. Provided with substantial content, we created a strong organizational structure and created custom infographics to efficiently communicate what might otherwise be complicated concepts. Visitors are also empowered to take action through pledges and a letter they can take to their healthcare provider.

Calls to action are included throughout the website and a list of resources is directly linked to Amazon, providing this non-profit with an additional source of revenue.


  • The site has become a resource for visitors to take part in a movement focused on sustainable health.
  • In just two months after the website launched, over 600 “champions for change” signed up to receive email updates.
  • Over 180 doctors have signed up to be included in The Plantrician Project resource,
  • Two weeks after posting the video Save Your Endothelial Cells to the site, over 300 participants signed a pledge to “Save EC.”