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STLVegGirl Caryn Dugan

Turning a Mission into a Business

STLVegGirl Caryn Dugan focuses on preventing lifestyle diseases, minimizing cancer risk, and promoting corporate wellness — all through the use of nutrition.

A busy entreprenuer, Caryn was doing everything she could to carry out a simple mission: A Plant on Every Plate. Trying to build her business and spread the word, she created all of her business’ promotional materials on her own – but she was short on time and needed to reach her audience more efficiently. Enrich created a new brand identity and collateral materials that today, are helping Caryn to live her mission, build awareness and expand her program offerings.

Getting Started

In 2008, Caryn lost her dad to cancer and exactly ten weeks later, she too was diagnosed. It sparked her drive to understand food’s role on the body, whether processed or whole. She became a Food for Life instructor, earning certification through the Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine (PCRM). After assisting a plant-based cooking instructor and conducting a lot of research, she launched STLVegGirl. Between a full-time job, teaching classes at Whole Foods, Dierberg’s and The Cancer Support Community, regular cooking appearances on local TV stations and serving as a personal chef, her schedule was full. While her business venture was becoming more real, she wanted to reach a wider audience and make a stronger impact.

Key Challenges

The STLVegGirl identity needed to be recognizable — it needed to remain true to Caryn’s core principles and clearly communicate her mission. But as with most start-up businesses, Caryn’s budget was minimal.


Using insights we’d gained during a Forks Over Knives 2012 immersion event focusing on the benefits of plant-based nutrition, we immediately identified with Caryn’s mission — and what she needed. Her current brand featuring an illustrated likeness of herself, didn’t communicate her mission or allow the brand to reach its full potential. We needed to take a big picture view.

We identified the materials that would be most efficient in reaching the target audience and based our design plan accordingly. A set of business cards featuring vibrant, fresh vegetable imagery and texture reflect her down-to-earth personality. Other materials, including a lively, 4-panel brochure and website, provide Caryn with the business tools she’d been missing, while a program poster enables her to promote nutrition-focused wellness programs for companies.


  • Caryn is enthusiastic about her new identity, business cards, brochure and presentation materials that now reflect the STLVegGirl brand and its mission.
  • The STLVegGirl website allows her to share plant-based recipes and talk about services and events.
  • Nutrition-based wellness programs are being developed around Caryn’s mission.
  • Caryn is looking forward her business’ continued growth, introducing her new brand at an upcoming television appearance and making and A Plant on Every Plate a reality.

Follow Caryn on twitter @STLVegGirl