Exploring ideas helps us shape brands.

To create compelling brands, we develop a wide range of design options. 

Powered On

Design concepts for a healthy energy drink.

The use of pattern and clean typography signify the science behind the formulation.

Watercolored and organic shapes were used to provide a natural vibe.

Burst shapes with bright colors were used to promote energy.

Funky type and shapes added a "cool" factor.

Extend Nutrition

Logo and package design concepts for a line of snack items in the diabetes category.

The letter "x" creates a pattern, along with a soft color palette to give an inviting feel.

A nice curve coupled with bold gradients and logotype makes a statement.

A fun pattern made out of the flavors adds whimsy.


New bottle label concepts for a product line of eye supplements.

A soft background with pattern creates a backdrop for a bold color system.

Nice curves create a shield to simulate protection.


Logo and package design concepts for a nutritional shake. Two-color designs were developed to keep printing costs down.

Custom illustrations make it easy to quickly recognize each flavor.

Flowing layers represent strength, protection and fluidity in an abstract and approachable way.

Black and white photos on a color background convey each flavor. Alternate flavor names were explored.

The pattern of lines at the top signifies protection. A vibrant, modern color story utilizes contrast.

Better Life

Design concepts and product naming for a new line of laundry detergent.

Watercolor is used to show different fragrances.

Playful names and illustrations convey the brand.

"Let's Go For A Spin" uses graphic illustration to convey motion and energy.

Noboleis Vineyards

Our early concepts for Noboleis Vineyards focused on the history of the land where the vineyard sits.

The vineyard's iconic mulberry tree is at the center of the label.

Custom illustration of the vineyard combines with bold colors.

Elegant typography and strong colors stand out among other Missouri vineyards.