John Holahan / SimplyThick

John Holahan of SimplyThick says working with us is, for him, a no-brainer. “They’re always thinking about details that never occur to me,” he tells us.

That’s because we’ve been working with John and his team almost since the beginning, when SimplyThick launched in 2001. We handle every single aspect of SimplyThick’s brand — product packaging, tradeshow exhibits, patient literature, sales materials, letterhead and the company’s website. We’ve been collaborating with SimplyThick for so long that we deeply understand their business, their product, their audience and their internal team.

Throughout our partnership, we’ve been inspired by SimplyThick’s goal of ensuring that ill patients get the hydration and nutrition they need to thrive. The product is a gel that thickens liquids, making it easier for the elderly and those suffering from stroke or other physical or neurological conditions, to swallow. (Nearly 6 million people suffer from dysphagia, or difficulty swallowing.) Before SimplyThick came to market, existing thickeners were difficult to mix and affected the taste of the liquid.

We’ve helped bring SimplyThick to the medical community, with communications targeted toward the speech therapists and healthcare providers who recommend it to their patients. John understands that a well-designed brand creates a strong connection with his customers. He recalls a conversation he had with a business partner about the power of good design early on: “I asked him, ‘Do you know why we’re working with Enrich? Because I know what it would look like if you or I designed it.’ The primary influencers for our product are speech therapists — mostly women under 30 — this needs to look good and appeal to a group we don’t know anything about.”

At every tradeshow where SimplyThick exhibits, John reports that he gets great feedback about “how good our product looks.” And he tells us he wouldn’t trust his brand to anyone else, “because I worry about the continuity of the look.”

He says, “We have a number of different SKUs, and a number of packages added over time. Keeping track of it all becomes a headache. But Enrich has ensured that there’s cohesion, a single voice. They make everything fit together.”