Energizing Your Work Environment

Energizing Your Work Environment

by Suzanne Duval d'Adrian

What if you went to work everyday knowing that you’d feel inspired and energized? It may sound idealistic, but in my never-ending quest to maximize my own work performance, I’ve come across a few interesting concepts that promise to boost productivity and enthusiasm levels.

We’ve all heard about applying the principles of feng shui to your home environment, but did you know the same principles could be applied to your workspace?

In full disclosure, I’m a recovering clutter-haulic. My desk gets to a point and then something just has to be done about it before it drives me bonkers. That realization usually sparks a flurry of objects being reorganized and rearranged until the desk is positively gleaming and everything is in its proper place. Because the clutter simply stresses me out, I’ll do whatever I can to avoid it. And that’s exactly why I’m willing to give it a shot. Feng shui my desk, huh? Why not.

As you’d expect, a few key rules need to be followed and there’s an actual roadmap of the energy centers on your desk.

  • Consider the orientation of your desk. Try to face your desk towards the front door. Ideally you’ll be able to see as much of the room as possible and the wall will be behind your back to establish stability and support as you go through your day. This allows you to establish authority over any situation — you can’t control what you can’t see.
  • Make room for creativity. Avoid having excess clutter lying around, which might indicate unfinished or confused items or projects. Find your own best organization system and use it.
  • Arrange the contents of your desk to maximize positive energy. Certain zones of the desktop represent different aspects of energy and are detailed in something called the feng shui bagua or map.

Abundance & Prosperity: Place a plant or something with perceived value here.

Fame & Reputation: This is a great spot for your business cards, or maybe a favorite light.

Love & Relationships: A photo of your significant others would be perfect.

Creativity & Children: Think about a sketchbook or whatever will help inspire you to get creative.

Helpful People & Travel: This zone is ideal for the phone or a scenic photo from your last vacation.

Career & Life Purpose: Since you accomplish most of your work here, this area should always be neat, tidy and clutter free. More often than not, this is where you’ll place your computer.

Wisdom & Self-Awareness: How about the latest business book or magazine you’re reading?

Family & Community: This can be a photo or just something that reminds you of that favorite relative.

Mind, Body & Spirit: In the absolute center of the desk, this is perhaps the most important section. To attract good energy, it should be kept clear at all times.

Rearranging your desk in this manner isn’t difficult. Getting used to it and actually maintaining it is where the skill comes in. You’ll have to check back in a few months to see how things are progressing, but for now at least I can find everything!

Let me know if you try out the feng shui approach to being clutter-free, and how it works for you.