Giving Start-ups a Visual Voice

Giving Start-ups a Visual Voice

By Kory Waschick

The Enrich team has been proud to help two individuals bring their distinct missions to life recently. We created one brand that fulfilled a lifelong dream — and another that was a result of a very personal journey.

Both clients now have tools to connect with their audience in powerful ways. As a start-up, ‘why’ an organization exists and ‘how’ it stands out in the crowd are major factors to consider. Strong design is also imperative and the messaging must be clear to make sure their voice is truly heard.

Valia Lifestyle — Authentic health for body & mind

Ingrid Edshteyn, MD became immersed in health and wellness when she first picked up a textbook on Integrative Medicine at 9 years old. Since then, understanding the interconnectedness of the body and mind has been central to her personal and professional pursuits as a medical doctor.

Ingrid believes, now more than ever, people are seeking preventative measures to achieve and sustain their best health — not just for tomorrow, for a lifetime.

We got to know Dr. Edshteyn when Gretchen attended an immersion retreat hosted by another one of our clients, Green Lagoon Wellbeing Resort. After a couple of conversations, Ingrid asked Enrich to help brand her new start-up business called Valia Lifestyle.

The practice offers “precision wellness,” personalized medicine with a fitness approach that allows members to be proactive about their health, physical activity and wellbeing. This unique approach teaches patients how they can prevent and treat chronic disease without the need for prescription medications.

Consisting of a Physician (Ingrid), a Clinical Integrative Nutritionist and several Fitness Trainers, the Valia Lifestyle team operates out of two locations — Live Primary and Hype Gym, both located in NYC’s financial district.

Valia means “will, purpose, or freedom.” Because this word is proactive and unique, it was selected as the foundation of the name and we set out to create a logo that was modern, sophisticated and sleek.

Enrich designed several concepts — applying each logo to different styles of imagery and other items to capture the brand feel.



We also developed an image library to reflect healthy eating, fitness, training and mind & body activities. These images were used in business cards for the Valia team, posters promoting upcoming events and the website.



As the primary tool to inform visitors about Valia Lifestyle and precision wellness, organizing the website information was key. Our team helped to streamline Ingrid’s thoughts into a sitemap and created a template design that makes it easy for Ingrid to add content and manage as her business evolves.

“‘Wow!’ is the first response from visitors to Valia’s website. This speaks volumes about Enrich's dedication and ability to clearly define and bring to life the Valia Lifestyle mission. Working with their team was a rewarding experience – from the discovery process to developing the logo, accompanying visuals and website. I’m tremendously grateful for their expertise and the relationship we’ve developed for future creative collaborations.”

— Ingrid Edshteyn


What to Eat — Eat well, be well, live well

Our good friend Greg Kiger is an avid biker and filmmaker. After being diagnosed with cancer in late 2014, he promised that if he were lucky enough to survive, he would dedicate his life to helping others beat the odds as well. He not only survived, but his new endeavor is helping him to thrive.

Through much reading and research, Greg learned that approximately 80% of illness is due to 5 lifestyle factors that we can actually control — smoking cessation, moderate exercise, a healthy BMI, stress reduction and the biggest factor, what we eat. He has enthusiastically brought Enrich along for the ride — helping to fulfill his newfound purpose in life.

Greg’s boundless energy and excitement about ways he could give back and share his knowledge about healing led to a flow of ideas — a documentary film, a TV special, a book, a website. Anything to get the word out about the information he had uncovered about achieving optimal health and wellness.

A logo, business card and website were developed immediately and based on a number of key attributes that reflected his powerful message. The attributes of 'from the earth,' sense of community, and expressing a local farmer’s market vibe informed this authentic brand.



Greg’s website is a wealth of information about, you guessed it, what to eat. Recipes and blog posts compliment this information. He gives 1-hour seminars in the St. Louis metro community and Enrich is helping him create monthly newsletters to keep the conversation going. A Quick Start Guide was also developed.

“My goal with What to Eat is to inform and inspire – to help move folks away from the Standard American Diet and toward a better and beautiful consensus of much healthier dietary options. But when it comes to consistent branding and top shelf design, my easygoing nature is pretty much out the window. Only a smart, specialized creative team like Enrich will do.

Clients and customers expect nothing less than a consistent and authentic brand experience. It’s got to reflect me, my mission and make things easy for both the consumer as well as the guy trying to write a blog post at 2am in his PJs. I love everyone at Enrich and it feels so good to know that they are in my corner.”

— Greg Kiger


*Greg Kiger's photo at the top of this page by Jennifer Silverberg