Spreading Awareness on Social Media

Spreading Awareness on Social Media

Every day, we scroll through hundreds of social media posts that all seek one thing: our undivided attention. So, what makes us notice some messages over others? The most successful posts typically have a few things in common — clear messaging, bold type and striking imagery.

The WHOLE Conference

In its 3rd year, The WHOLE Conference wanted to become more visible and grow its attendance. They’d outgrown their old space and were looking to fill a larger event location. Even more importantly, they wanted to spread the word about the impressive lineup of speakers — all experts on the unmistakable health benefits of a whole food, plant-based diet. 

While the organization’s website offers a clear image of the event speakers and agenda, one powerful tool wasn’t being used as effectively as it might have been…social media. 

Enrich created a simple campaign that would raise awareness of the event, and also showcase each of the speakers and their powerful message. Targeted posts with powerful calls to action were written, encouraging people to take control of their own health. Bold type was paired with strong graphic imagery to help posts stand out in a crowded feed. Potential attendees were directed to visit the website and sign up to attend. 

But simply writing the posts and creating images wasn’t enough. A schedule was developed to ensure that engagement with users across the social media channels was consistent, used proper hashtags and keywords. 

Success! These posts, some boosted and some not, ran over a 6-week span and Facebook followers alone increased by over 500%. Conference admissions also skyrocketed by almost 80%! 


Hass Avocado Board

Besides guacamole, did you know there are tons of other ways to use avocados? Our new social media pieces for the Hass Avocado Board was designed to spark your imagination for creative avocado prep.

When they needed a more impactful way to further engage their online avo fans and a fresh look for some educational materials, the Hass Avocado Board (HAB) asked Enrich for help. Their goal in updating these website assets was to showcase why avocados are the perfect choice for a healthy lifestyle and encourage social sharing.

We started with Avocado 101, visually clarifying how to choose, store and prepare fresh avocados. Did you know that one serving size is not half of an avocado, but actually one third (50g) of a medium-sized fruit? Quite a few avocados were sliced (and enjoyed) while creating 3 equal sections and we encourage you to try it, too!

To give consumers and health professionals a clearer picture of the nutrients they're consuming, a handy Nutrition Facts chart was refreshed to match the new style.

By far, our favorite part of the project was the 50 Things to Love About Fresh Avocados posts. They gave us an opportunity to share all the reasons we love avocados — and we even learned a few new ones! Collaborating closely with HAB on messaging and imagery, these fun posts can be easily (and proudly) shared by followers across Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter — spreading the avocado love far and wide!