Our Enriched Lives in 2012

Our Enriched Lives in 2012

Remarkable individuals, companies, products and events influence our lives every day. For our final Freshly Squeezed edition of 2012, we wanted to share our favorites with you. Hope you enjoy them!

Crazy Sexy Healthy Enrichment

By Gretchen

There’s no slowing down Kris Carr! This vibrant woman has embraced life and achieved optimum health while facing cancer for almost 10 years now. I had a chance to meet this wellness trailblazer at a writer’s conference this past spring and have been following her blog and email newsletters ever since. Kris' health revolution continues – with a bold new website and teaching tools that reinforce her Crazy Sexy Wellness brand. She also just launched a hot New York Times best-seller (Crazy Sexy Kitchen) that promotes plant-based cooking with celebrated Whole Foods chef, Chad Sarno. Crazy Sexy Kitchen “redefines the kitchen as a headquarters for a wellness revolution.”

Everything about Kris radiates energy and joy. She’s authentic and captivating in her approach to helping countless people take charge of their health. “Change your plate, change your fate” is just one of the many beliefs that she lives by. Kris is a powerful reminder for me to ask myself, “Am I doing the best I can to take care of myself with the foods I eat?” Check out kriscarr.com and better yet – try one of her tasty smoothie recipes!

Enriched by Heirloom Gardening

By Bruce

It’s hard to remember when the sky is gray and there’s nothing green in the ground, but one of the most enriching things for me in 2012 was my garden. I spent 10 months planning, planting, maintaining and harvesting vegetables in my backyard.

I’m inspired by a business that is working hard to preserve heirloom seed varieties and provide an alternative to genetically-modified vegetables. Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds offers the largest selection of heirloom varieties with 1,450 rare and unique vegetables, flowers and herbs from over 70 countries. Owner Jere Gettles spent 80 days this past year traveling around the world with his family and collecting seeds from places like Italy, Oman and Thailand. Gettles is dedicated to “preserving the seeds that have been passed down through the generations, savored, saved and honored as part of each culture.” Baker Creek only sells natural, non-GMO seeds and they have the nicest catalog with beautiful photography.

Their catalog just arrived in the mail and I’m already getting excited thinking about next year. If you are considering starting your own home garden, there are two other seed companies that I would recommend in addition to Baker Creek. Pinetree Garden Seeds sells smaller quantities at a lower price, which works perfectly for a backyard garden. Territorial Seed Company offers in-depth information about each seed/plant and excellent video tutorials to help you get your seeds started. The number of gardeners has doubled in the last two years, so I know I’m not alone in my passion for growing fresh vegetables.

Enriched by Technology

By Suzanne

Because the past year has been so hectic, I’ve needed to rely on technology for a little help. My iPad has been my constant companion and my personal assistant, entertaining me and keeping me connected and on track. Here are two apps that have allowed me to stay on top of everything in 2012:

I’m in a constant battle with paper. The magazines I subscribe to and can’t seem to live without are the biggest culprit. All those recipes, decorating ideas, intriguing stories and information are irresistible. (I’ll admit that there may be a gossip magazine or two in there.) Sometimes it seems as though the stacks are taller than I am, but I will be victorious in the end! Zinio is helping me to achieve that goal. By transferring existing paper subscriptions to digital versions, this app helps me avoid that inevitable toe-stubbing, middle-of-the-night run-in with the stack of magazines we all keep next to the bed — the ones we’re going to go through before we recycle. Plus, I can take my entire library with me on the next treadmill jaunt!

In one word, newscentral. With a fingertap, I can catch up on headlines from a variety of topics ranging from business, politics, local news, food and hot topics. Alltop will even tell me what stories are trending. The best part is that I can customize where my information comes from and read everything in one central location. Alltop makes being 'in the know' easy, especially when you’ve got limited time to catch up.

An Enriching New Lifestyle

By Kory

Farms2Forks was hands-down the most influential event for me in 2012. It put me on the path to a plant-based lifestyle, which I am thoroughly enjoying. Back in July, each of us at Enrich recounted our experiences at this weekend retreat. I took the 28-day challenge (to completely change what I was eating) and hoped that I would continue beyond. I am happy to report that my husband and I are still very plant-strong. Family, friends and clients are genuinely interested in what we’ve been doing. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve come in contact with who follow my daily food pictures on Facebook or have read my blog articles on Feast.com about my experiences and what I’ve been cooking.

This October, I attended a Vegan & Wine dinner, the first of its kind in St. Louis. It was fantastic! Culinary dishes were prepared that you might find in any fancy restaurant and they were all vegan. At the dinner, I met STL Veg Girl, Caryn Dugan, who was one of the two hosts. What an inspiring person! For someone who lost her father to cancer and was then diagnosed herself just 10 weeks later, she has such a great outlook on life. A cancer survivor, Caryn switched to a plant-based lifestyle in 2008 and is passionate about how food can prevent disease. She regularly teaches classes at local markets and the Cancer Support Community, an organization Enrich supports through design and creative work. Caryn and I instantly clicked and have formed a friendship that I know will last a lifetime.

It’s amazing. The people I’ve met, the products I’ve tried and the articles I’ve read are all aligning with my new lifestyle. I truly believe that I’m living and breathing what Enrich is all about — food and wellness. Cheers to 2012 and may 2013 be even healthier!