Quantum Wellness

Quantum Wellness

By Gretchen Schisla

I like to share inspiring people that I come across who are promoting healthy living and conscious eating. While we all know people who are taking better care of themselves by making healthier food choices, many individuals still don’t understand what that means or how to start. Unfortunately, signs of this are everywhere. On a visit to Cancun over the holidays, I noticed not only overweight tourists, but a large number of the Mexican population carrying burdensome weight. I visited the new Chedraui 2-story grocery store — the sugary beverage section was massive, with the largest refrigeration wall I’ve ever seen. Yet, the produce section was tucked away in a corner on the second floor, with beautiful vegetables, once you were able to find them. It made me sad to observe, first-hand, how our Standard American Diet has had an impact on other cultures.

Once back home, I came across several books from Kathy Freston. A bestselling author and renowned wellness expert, Kathy looks to share the peer-reviewed science behind plant-based eating, consulting specialists in both medicine and nutrition. As a regular contributor to the Huffington Post, her books and website are packed with people’s success stories and clear answers from medical experts. She demonstrates that profound change can happen through a gentle switch in food choices. I was intrigued and wanted to learn more about her journey.

I started with The Veganist and was immediately drawn to the personal stories. The section titled “Promise 2” discusses the impact that a change in diet can have on lowering risk for cancer, heart disease and diabetes, and provides examples of families who have made this change with great success. After each story, there are Q&As with Dean Ornish, MD; T. Colin Campbell, PhD; Caldwell Esselstyn, MD; Neal Barnard, MD and Michael Greger, MD — to answer the questions we all have.

Kathy has also written several books on what she calls Quantum Wellness. In these, she teaches us “that to be truly well means much more than just not being sick — it means having energy to face both everyday life and exceptional challenges.”

Her latest book, The Lean, talks about “leaning in” to set the intent for what you want, then nudging yourself in that direction. With recipes and daily plans, Kathy shows how to commit to small, realistic diet and lifestyle changes, which over time yield significant results. It could as simple as adding an apple a day, or switching to non-dairy milk. She also talks about backing away from sugar, and cutting the oil, urging us to make progress and not worry about perfection.

Her work is not preachy, like many other diet books and plans. She has simply lived this change herself and gathered accurate information from leading experts, combining it into practical and helpful guidelines. I’m hooked on the reading so far, and will incorporate her advice into my life. Perhaps, you’ll take a look too.

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