Best Business Blogs

Best Business Blogs

By Bruce Sachs

In both our business and personal lives, we’re constantly looking for words of wisdom, encouragement and inspiration. Great content offers just that — it can spark new ideas, inspire creativity and even provide helpful tips for daily practice. At Enrich, we believe that by following the blogs of successful business leaders, we can gain insight into their thought processes and business strategy — giving us great nuggets to improve ourselves, our studio, and our community. For fresh insight and a creative boost, we invite you to explore some of our favorites. 

Design Thinking for Business

Tim Brown /
Tim Brown is CEO and President of IDEO, a design and innovation consulting firm. An industrial designer by training, his articles about the value of design thinking are beneficial to both the business and design communities. Brown only posts every 2-3 months, but his writing is both inspirational and resourceful. His post on lifelong learning and continuing education offers a number of resources for training through General Assembly, Nanodegree, Khan Academy, The Economist and IDEO U. 

He takes special interest in how science and technology overlap with art and design. Brown shares his experiences working at IDEO where collaboration and teamwork are key to the company’s success. His article What We Can Learn from Barn Raisers talks about how collaboration should be a core component of every business strategy. 

When I’m looking for content centered around design thinking, creativity, education and collaboration, Tim Brown’s blog is where I go.

Learn Something New

Bill Gates /
Bill Gates describes his blog as the place “where I share about the people I meet, the books I’m reading, and what I’m learning.” His blog is well designed and organized into four categories: Saving Lives, Energy Innovation, Improving Education, and Books I’m Reading. His interest lies in making knowledge enjoyable. Gates has an enthusiasm for knowledge and making learning enjoyable — and it comes across in his posts.

I am continually inspired by the passion and thoughtfulness in his writing. With so much great content on the blog, it's possible to be reading about the world’s most interesting vegetable one moment, then jump to Good News You May Have Missed in 2014 the next. You may feel pressured to read it all in one sitting, but it's important to take your time and explore each post fully. It’s a great resource to allow you to learn something new. Today you can watch his video on What Does It Mean To Be Human? Tomorrow you might choose to read about How Dinosaurs Could Help Us Fight Malnutrition or Bill's Annual Letter.

Entrepreneurial Inspiration and Social Change

Richard Branson / is an interesting corporate site because it’s essentially a collection of blogs related to the company’s various endeavors. There are blogs dedicated to music, travel, and the face and voice of the Virgin brand, Richard Branson. Entrepreneurship is such an important component of Branson’s mission that there is a also special page on the website with advice and inspiration just for entrepreneurs.

Branson is a dynamic personality and his personal blog reflects that. Composed of short, quick reads and occasional videos, he sets a good example for how to use social media to promote your business while still providing valuable information to your audience. Branson delivers inspirational messages, provides business advice and startup tips, addresses social and environmental issues, and shares his many adventures.

His posts about overcoming dyslexia and using it to his advantage are especially interesting. I also really enjoy the Virgin Disruptors page, becauses it focuses on workplace wellbeing — with great articles about the connections between wellness, productivity and business success.

At the heart of every post on is an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to make to the world a better place.

Nuggets of Marketing Wisdom

Seth Godin /
Seth Godin’s blog is visually bare, but don’t let that scare you away from the great content. Every day, he writes short inspirational and memorable posts. While Bill Gates draws you in to dig deeper, Godin’s blog is best read one or two posts at time. Read the most recent post, ponder it for a day and come back the next day for new words of wisdom.

Godin’s goal is to get you to think about business, marketing and education in new ways. He turns traditional approaches on their head and asks you to view them differently. Here’s a recent post:

“Did you win?” A far better question to ask (the student, the athlete, the salesperson, the programmer...), “what did you learn?” Learning compounds. Usually more reliably than winning does.

Godin has written numerous books, but I find the abbreviated nature of his blog especially appealing because the posts are easily digestible. 

These four blogs are a just few of our favorites. Now that everyone has a platform, there’s no shortage of inspiration and advice out there. Who are you following?