Sauté, Simmer, Season: The Branding Process

Sauté, Simmer, Season: The Branding Process

By Gretchen Schisla

We’re eager to share two recent Enrich projects that help people make healthful food choices and in turn, support their communities — Fred and Ricky's and SchooLicious.

Brand Process for Fred & Ricky’s

These healthy & delicious plant-based food "Grab and Go" stores are a first in St. Louis and we’re thrilled to have them locally! We first met Rich and Kathleen Waidmann in 2014 and were immediately impressed with their story. When they first began dating, they developed nicknames for each other. Rich began calling Kathleen “Fred” for no particular reason and in return, she called him “Ricky.” When Rich was diagnosed with heart disease, he adopted a plant-based lifestyle to overcome it. He now wants to help others avoid preventable lifestyle diseases by eating delicious, healthy food.

Kathleen grew up on a farm in rural Indiana and took her lifelong love of cooking to the next level when Rich made his lifestyle change. She recreated hearty home cooked dishes replacing meat, dairy and oils with plant-based ingredients and the results are absolutely delicious — even to people that aren’t usually plant-based eaters.

Getting Started

The process began with naming. Since the name “Fred & Ricky’s” had special meaning to the pair, we stayed with it. Moodboards were created to help them visualize different tones and approaches to their new brand’s vibe. Based on their feedback, we created logos with a friendly tone, combining type and image. Once the direction was narrowed, we began to develop architecture for the website, web content and the initial web design. Having the delicious, healthy meals play an important role in the brand language was extremely important, so key dishes were selected and a custom photo shoot provided us with the beautiful food imagery we needed to leave mouths watering and make an impact.

We worked closely with Rich, Kathleen and their architect to create a bright, efficient interior atmosphere for each location and designed both interior and exterior signage, creating awareness for the new brand. Packaging labels, business cards, menus and print collateral including advertisements completed the strategy.

Both locations are now open and serving up fresh and delicious food to an enthusiastic public!

SchooLicious Concept in California

A mother of two girls, Anita Jones-Mueller wanted to have an impact on the health and wellness of children. She was looking for a way to do this when she traveled to Washington in 2011 to attend the Let’s Move campaign discussion, and she left the event inspired. Convinced that she could make a difference and support healthier kids, the SchooLicious program was born.

Anita partners with local restaurants that offer healthy food options to raise money for school wellness programs. Using the restaurant membership fees, SchooLicious provides funds for school wellness initiatives or to buy needed gym equipment. It’s a great way for restaurants to give back to the community, support kids’ wellness and promote their own healthy dining options — a true win-win!

Beginning in one school system, the pilot program has expanded and the organization has launched in a second school system. There’s no end in sight either — this program has the ability to grow nationwide, impacting all of America’s children and future generations.

Getting Started

Presenting a fun, energetic name and tagline were vital to this project. We had a blast brainstorming themes like Healthy Bites for Bucks, Power of the Plate, Healthy Plates for Happy Kids, and so on. SchooLicious was chosen along with the tagline “Dine out deliciously for healthy kids.”

Logos came next, with the challenge of creating an active logo mark that engaged both parents and kids, while not appearing overly childlike. Many options were considered — a logotype was chosen because it gave us the ability to infuse the feeling of energy and enthusiasm into the typography.

We extended the new SchooLicious brand across a variety of print and digital applications. The SchooLicious app interface was updated to make it easier to learn about the program and identify healthy dining options. A website featuring active kids was created to promote the app and show how it works. We also designed an email newsletter, posters, banners and collateral for restaurants to promote the program.