Plant-Based is Now Mainstream!

Plant-Based is Now Mainstream!

If there was any doubt, all you have to do is check out the success of the Plant Based World Conference & Expo.

The first-ever 2-day event in New York brought together leaders in the plant-based space and those who simply wanted to learn more about the movement that’s on everyone’s mind.

With keynote addresses, educational lectures and a wide array of products to sample, there was no shortage of inspiration. Enrich was a proud sponsor, presenter and exhibitor. As we participated, we noticed a few key things that helped to spread the word even farther.

1. Presentations were inspiring and reminded everyone of the reason for making a change!

How a Whole-Food, Plant-Based Diet Can Prevent and Reverse Chronic Diseases. Tim Kaufman (above left) shared the emotional story of his weight loss and journey to regain his health. He now thrives on a plant-based, whole food lifestyle and leads a healthy, and happy life. Dr. Robert Ostfeld and Dr. Garth Davis supported Tim’s success with compelling data behind whole food, plant-based nutrition and its ability to prevent and reverse heart disease, type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Beyond Meat: Turning a Mission-Driven Business into a Mainstream Revolution. Did you know it takes 99% less water and 99% less land to produce a Beyond Meat burger than a regular beef patty? Seth Goldman’s (above right) goals run deeper than simply making a profit – with Beyond Meat, he aims to change the way we eat, not just to benefit our health but also the planet. With the success of the IPO, he believes we’re about to see some profound changes in our food system.

2. Plant-based food entrepreneurs showcased tasty products, reminding us we’re not missing out on anything!

Otamot essential sauce. Created for his ‘picky eater’ daughter, Andrew Suzuka made sure this delicious sauce is packed with vegetables, vitamins and antioxidants, with no added sugar. The standout packaging features bright, rainbow stripes that represent the range of colorful veg that go into the sauce. Did you realize otamot is tomato spelled backwards? A clever touch for the product branding!

Yondu vegetable essence. Just a few drops of this savory umami seasoning for plant-rich cooking and your dish comes alive with flavor, without all the high sodium and preservatives. The unique bottle shape and lively label design ensure that this product will stand out on the shelf and grab your attention.

UNCUT by Before the Butcher. It’s hard to believe that a soy protein concentrate and a handful of other ingredients can replicate the authentic taste of sausage and burgers, but it does! The crowds couldn’t get enough of this appetizing food!

Miyoko’s. Cashew cheeses were in high competition, and this brand stood out with its delicious flavors and authentic taste.

3. Well-planned educational tracks and speakers offered guidance to those wanting to shift their focus to plant-based.

Why Plant-based Nutrition? In a highly informative presentation, Dr. Scott Stoll of the Plantrician Project made a powerful case for the health benefits of a whole food, plant-based lifestyle by highlighting its ability to prevent and reverse many of today’s most common chronic diseases. 

Plant-based foods are heating up the grocery aisles: Exploring the retail opportunities and success stories. A panel of grocery store experts shared success stories, strategies and tips to get more plant-based options on retail shelves. For entrepreneurs, this was an especially helpful look at what it takes to engage the consumer and achieve success in the grocery store.

Our biggest takeaway from the event? Consumers are the ones creating the high demand for plant-based products and services. They’ve discovered that they can enjoy delicious food and still protect their health, the animals and the environment. This is a trend we don’t see changing anytime soon. We can’t wait for the next Plant-Based World Conference & Expo!

If you want to keep up with the latest trends in the plant-based space, look to Enrich for guidance. We'll help you launch your plant-based product or service – let's talk!