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Building a Winery Brand from the Ground Up

Noboleis Vineyards was ready to bring the vision of its founder to life when ground was broken on a boutique winery that would produce and bottle wines from their own vineyards.

The Nolans wanted to celebrate family, community and the area’s rich wine-making heritage, but needed an identity to establish the company and serve as a solid platform for growth. Enrich created a logo, wine label design and color-based system that differentiates the varieties for easy identification in the tasting rooms and on the shelf. This award-winning approach has expanded the winery’s consumer base, created recognizability and increased sales. New relationships with area restaurants have created additional distribution channels.

Getting Started

Heritage and sense of place were important to the owners, so the design began here. A stately mulberry tree that sits on the winery’s hilltop is symbolic to the family because the tree remains from the land’s original farm. Like this tree, the Nolans have planted roots here and have begun new traditions that will be passed down through generations.

Key Challenges

As a family-owned and operated business, the owners had limited funds and were unsure of the best way to visually capture their vision for the winery. They also had yet to make a single bottle of wine — package design was needed for a product that had not yet been created.

From the start, differentiation from the local competition was a daunting task. With over 120 wineries reported, Missouri’s wine industry is a highly competitive landscape. In fact, most consumers find it difficult to identify unique names and varieties because most wineries employ one label style for all types of their wine.


Our approach focused on simplicity and sophistication — two traits that would help the winery truly stand out from other local wine labels, which tend to appear nostalgic and busy.

A graphic-style illustration of the mulberry tree became the design’s centerpiece, with a script font that, like the winery, is both attractive and approachable. We tapped into our understanding of color to create a timeless and sophisticated palette.


  • Wine sales increased by 30% over the prior year.
  • The color system improves varietal identification. Consumers ask for the ‘wine with the green label,’ and know exactly which variety they’re getting and employees in the tasting room are able to clearly identify which varieties they’re pouring for guests.
  • Noboleis now partners with popular area restaurants to sell exclusive wine pairings and the door has  opened for distribution to local grocers.
  • Noboleis currently produces wine for other vineyards as well.
  • The wines and their packaging have each received accolades, in both the wine and design communities.