Extend product grouping
Extend packaging - before
Extend packaging - after
Extend 4-bar cartons
Extend 15-bar cartons
Extend bar wrappers
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Extend color palette

Nutrition Snacks Get a Fresh New Look

Selling directly to the consumer, Extend Nutrition offers a line of snack products targeted to those who are seeking more effective diabetes management, hunger control, weight loss or simply to develop healthier eating habits.

Extend had experienced substantial growth after entering the Walgreens market 5 years ago, but they were ready for more. To gain additional momentum, the company developed two new bars with on-trend flavors and updated formulation technology. They came to Enrich to revitalize their brand identity and design new packaging for the entire line, on the shelves of over 25,000 retail stores nationally.

Getting Started

Developed by Dr. Francine Kaufmann, past president of the American Diabetes Association (ADA), Extend’s products had built a strong customer base. New FDA regulations meant that they had to reexamine the claims on their existing packaging, necessitating a re-design for their entire line of bars, crisps and shake mixes. Their current look was dated and didn’t offer a clear indication of what the consumer was purchasing.

Key Challenges

Since Extend’s products already enjoyed a loyal following, devotees needed to realize that it was the same quality product they’ve been enjoying and relying on for years. Maintaining brand recognition was a key goal.

The new packaging needed to effectively showcase each product, and create a product family that visually stood out on the store shelves.

The benefits of the Extend products also had to be clear. It was important to articulate the point of differentiation, so the product could stand out from the competition while avoiding consumer confusion.

With excitement building around the introduction of the two new bars into the marketplace — design, production and printing needed to be accomplished in a shortened time frame.


Enrich set out to create a simple, uncluttered design with appealing product photography. The first step was to update the logo by choosing a contemporary font and retaining elements so the logo remained recognizable to existing customers.

By closely looking at the competition, we were able to identify design elements that would ensure the Extend brand stood out in its own, unique way. From this, we decided to showcase the product and place art and imagery on a crisp, white background — something no other company in their category was doing. A rich, bright color palette was developed for each of the 7 bars, 4 crisps and 3 shake mixes.

Maintaining consistency among the packaging types was important. Product attributes needed to be featured in similar areas across the entire line, a challenge considering the wide variety of product sizes and orientations. To accomplish this, design and photography were completed in parallel to ensure that each product was photographed to fit the available space, each oriented in the same direction for further consistency.

Flavor names were either altered or enhanced, and an expressive typeface helps make each feel special. Separating ‘bar,’ ‘crisp,’ ‘drizzle’ or ‘shake’ from the Extend name allows the company to easily expand its product portfolio in the future.


  • The entire project was completed in under 6 months and included 31 SKU’s.
  • The Extend brand now stands out on the shelves, and positions them as the premium nutrition product in the diabetes snack food category.
  • The Extend team overwhelmingly loves their new updated brand packaging. They are proud to show off their products to customers and retailers.