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Positioning and Branding a Wellbeing Resort

GreenLagoon Wellbeing Resort is a sustainable vacation destination in Costa Rica for travelers that want a retreat incorporating wellness, relaxation and adventure. The resort was developed by Dr. Henry Villegas to provide a place where guests can improve their health through delicious plant-based meals, active nature expeditions and rejuvenating spa activities.

Getting Started

We met Dr. Villegas at the annual PBNHC conference, and our mutual interest in enriching quality of life led to an instant connection. GreenLagoon was transitioning from a standard vacation destination to a resort focused on wellbeing and sustainability. Enrich stepped in to help him achieve his goal by updating the brand, developing clear positioning and overhauling the website.

Key Challenges

In addition to the main resort, there are numerous other branches of the GreenLagoon family, including Real Estate, Expeditions, EcoClinic, School of Sustainability, and Cerro Chato ANC Park and Gardens. All of these entities needed to be consolidated under one umbrella identity, with a clear position and point of differentiation.

The website is the primary sales tool for the resort and it featured unappealing room photography and poorly written copy. Some visitors left the site confused, while others arrived at the resort unclear what type of accommodation they had booked.

To ensure a seamless transition, we had to update the web design using a template within the existing booking engine software.


We began by developing a platform to define the market, tone and key positioning drivers of the resort. This strategy gave us a guide for all other materials.

The logo was simplified by removing overly detailed elements. We retained references to nearby landmarks Arenal Volcano and Cerro Chato Volcano, which holds the signature Green Lagoon within its crater. Because the native trogon bird serves as the unofficial mascot of the property, it was an important element to keep. So, the bird was simplified and stylized. Once the overarching brand was established, a color system was developed to differentiate between the various GreenLagoon businesses.

To improve photography on the website, we developed moodboards showing the look of accommodations to strive for. Resort staff changed the bed decorations from ornate, swan towels and flower petals to simple, modern linens accompanied by a fresh fruit basket. New photographs were taken with open window blinds to provide natural light and showcase the beautiful environment just outside the room.

The website was developed within a Booking Suite software used by much of the hospitality industry. We began with an existing template in the CMS and updated the design with appealing typefaces, adding new colors, simplifying the galleries and removing unnecessary widgets that were cluttering the home page. We worked with Dr. Villegas to update the website copy to promote his wellbeing mission. We also created unique wellness promotions and wrote clearer room descriptions to eliminate customer confusion. The look was extended to sites for GreenLagoon Expeditions and GreenLagoon Real Estate.

Additional support materials have also been developed to promote the resort, including two brochures, a billboard and new restaurant menus featuring plant-based cuisine.


  • Since the new resort website launched, bookings increased over 20% and revenue has nearly doubled compared that of the previous quarter.
  • Now that everything is in place at the Wellbeing Resort, Dr. Villegas is developing a wellness immersion program for his guests to experience.


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