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Fueling Childhood Wellness and Healthy Dining

SchooLicious partners with local restaurants to raise money for school wellness programs and promote healthy meal options for individuals who dine out. It’s a great way for restaurants and their patrons to give back to the community, support kids’ wellness and promote healthy dining options — a true win-win for everyone!

The organization asked for Enrich’s help in raising awareness of their important mission and program while increasing their engagement with the community.

Getting Started

After running the program for one year, Healthy Dining School Rewards approached Enrich to address some of the challenges they were facing. We excitedly jumped in to develop both a strategy and a new brand for this program focused on encouraging children to make healthier food choices and get active.

Key Challenges

The SchooLicious team needed to convey a large amount of information to their audience in a concise and approachable tone. They also had to meet a number of goals simultaneously: promote healthy dining choices at restaurants, help parents understand how the program works, encourage more app downloads and expand the number of participating restaurants.


Presenting a fun, energetic name and tagline were vital ­­– we brainstormed themes like Healthy Bites for Bucks, Power of the Plate and Healthy Plates for Happy Kids. After much discussion, SchooLicious was chosen because of it’s playful reference to the school component. A “Dine out deliciously for healthy kids” tagline was developed to further explain the program.

The updated brand needed to engage both parents and kids while not appearing overly childlike, so while logo options were created and considered, a logotype allowed us to infuse a feeling of energy and enthusiasm into the typography.

The new SchooLicious brand was expanded across a variety of print and digital applications, including an updated app interface which makes it easier for participants to learn about the program and identify healthy dining options. The website features active kids, educates the community about the program, promotes the app and demonstrates how the program works. An email newsletter, posters, banners and collateral for restaurants also effectively promote the program and encourage participation.


  • SchooLicious has expanded from one school district to two in California. The program continues to grow with plans to expand nationwide.
  • Additional restaurants have signed on to the program.
  •  During the first 5 months of the new program, over 25,000 web sessions occurred with close to 1,200 users and approximately 60,000 page views – numbers considerably higher than before the launch of the new brand.