Cancer Support Community: Survivorship Journal
Cancer Support Community: Survivorship Journal
Cancer Support Community: Poetry Book
Cancer Support Community: Poetry Book
Cancer Support Community: Steps for Hope
Cancer Support Community: Brochure System
Cancer Support Community: Main Brochure
Cancer Support Community: Brochures
Cancer Support Community: Brochure
Cancer Support Community: Celebration of Hope

Supporting a Wellness Community

The Cancer Support Community of Greater St. Louis (CSC) is part of an international, non-profit organization that provides care, education and hope to cancer patients and their loved ones. They help people deal with the non-medical side of cancer, supplementing a patient’s treatment by offering free support groups, educational workshops, stress-reduction classes and nutrition and exercise programs.

As valuable as CSC’s programs are, local awareness and consequently participation were lagging. Through the development of a brochure series, post-treatment guide for patients, unique poetry journal and thematic fundraising event materials, Enrich was able to help CSC increase the community’s recognition of this valuable resource.

Getting Started

People facing cancer have many medical resources to draw upon, but they have other needs too. Coping with the emotional aspects, managing side effects and meeting nutritional needs can take their toll. And it’s particularly common for patients and their families to feel isolated and alone after completing treatment. The more we learned about CSC, the more passionate and compelled to help we felt.

Key Challenges

As with most non-profit organizations, funding is a struggle for CSC. They rely on donors to facilitate specific projects, so the work is completed using minimal budgets and on a priority basis. In addition, patients and their families are generally bombarded with information so building awareness would pose a challenge — one that could be overcome.


Researching the local medical community, and visiting hospitals and clinics offered insight into how patients learn about support programs in their local area. CSC wanted to create a cancer-specific brochure for each unique patient, because just as no two patients are the same, neither are two cancers.

Enrich created a series of brochures featuring a hopeful tagline: “If you are living with cancer, you are not alone.” Each cover features an image of two individuals to reinforce support and a vivid color system allows the materials to stand out in the sea of clinical literature found in doctors' offices and hospitals. Since fundraising is vital to CSC’s ability to help, we created visual campaigns for The Celebration of Hope, an annual event providing a pivotal income source, and the Steps For Hope walk. Patients are also able to log information and track their progress in a post-treatment plan guide, while a poetry journal allows current patients or survivors to track their story.


  • Awareness has increased: CSC regularly hears from people who learned about their amazing programs through a brochure they picked up in their medical provider’s office.
  • Participation in the CSC programs has grown by 8% in the first year alone.
  • Successful fundraising events have increased awareness, participation and donations for the past several years.
  • Patients have responded positively to the post-treatment guide and poetry journal, which allow them to have a voice in expressing their experience.